Postosuchus 2

Postosuchus lived:230 to 208 million years ago in the Late Triassic period.


Pronunciation: Meaning:

Animal Type: Dietary Type: Size: Weight: Major Fossil Finds:

Postosuchus POEST-oh-SOOK-uss Post crocodile Archosaur Carnivore - (herbivore eating cannibal) Up to 6 metres long, able to rear up 2 metres tall Just under a tonne Petrified Forest in Arizona, USA

Evidence There have been several finds in the Petrified Forest in Arizona, and Post Quarry in Texas. Postosuchus was an archosaur ("ruling reptile"), a major group of living and extinct reptiles that includes crocodiles, dinosaurs, pterosaurs and birds. Postosuchus was on the line to crocodiles, but it was not a crocodile itself.

Postosuchus evolved in the Late Triassic period. It was the top carnivore of the age. Its skull was short and broad, but it had a narrow snout and deep powerful jaws. Heavy-duty armour consisting of rows of plates covered its long back.

It had a unique upright stance with straight legs directly beneath its body suggesting a quick and efficient runner. It is sometimes called a "running crocodile". It had longer back legs than front legs. Some palaeontologists believe it ran on two legs, but the majority think that it did so on four.

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