Peteinosaurus lived: 222 to 215 million years ago in the Late Triassic period.

Name: Pronunciation: Meaning: Animal Type: DietaryType:Size: Weight: Major FossilFinds:

Peteinosaurus pet-INE-oh-SAW-rus Winged lizard Early pterosaur Insectivore Up to 60 cm wingspan Up to 100 grams Cene, Italian Alps

Evidence Beautifully preserved fossils of the flying reptile, Peteinosaurus were discovered near Cene, Italy in rocks of Triassic age. Peteinosaurus had a very light-boned skeleton.

It had even-sized, sharp, cone-like teeth. It is most likely that it ate insects which it caught on the wing.

Its wings consisted of skin stretched between an elongated finger on its hand, and it's foot. The wings were attached to its body and thigh.

It had a long straight tail (20 cm) of vertebrae strengthened with bone-like fibres, which it used for precise manoeuvring. Peteinosaurus is one of the earliest vertebrates to show evidence of flying rather than gliding.

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