Mexican Burrowing Toad

Diet: Their diet consists mainly of insects, primarily ants and termites.

Main Characteristics: Mexican Burrowing Toads are usually black or grey in colour with red spots along their sides and a stripe on their backs. They have short, powerful legs and their feet have shovel-like appendages to aid digging.

It has a small, pointed head and its eyes are relatively small. Unlike other frogs, its tongue is projected directly out the front of the mouth instead of being flipped out.

They grow between 6 and 8 cms (2.25 - 3.25 inches) in length and when they are calling or they are alarmed, their body becomes inflated.

Habitat: They are found in low lying areas of Southern USA and Central America. They burrow down into soft soil and they only emerge after heavy rain fall.

Breeding: Mexican Burrowing Toads breed in ponds and they will travel up to 1.6 Kms (1 mile) to find a suitable location. Using their internal vocals sacs males call out to attract females.

They eggs only take a few days to hatch into tadpoles and they use the barbels around their mouth to filter food from the water. After 1 - 3 months the tadpoles become toads.

Latin Name Rhinophrynus dorsalis
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location South USA to Central America
Colour Black/Grey
Length 6 - 8 cms (2.25 - 3.25 inches)


Breeding Season

Rainy Season

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