Leopard Cat

Breeding:After a gestation period of 60 - 70 days, Leopard Cats give birth to 2 - 4 youngsters.

Main Characteristics: Leopard Cats have a body length between 45 and 90 cms (17.7 - 35.4 inches), a tail length between 28 and 37 cms (11 - 14.6 inches) and they weigh between 4 and 8 kgs (8.8 - 17.6 lbs). Their size varies depending on the region in which they live.

Habitat: Leopard Cats have the widest geographic range of any feline. They can be found in a range of habitats in south to east Asia.

Diet: Leopard Cats feed on a variety of small prey including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and insects.

Subspecies: Subspecies of the Leopard Cat are: Prionailurus bengalensis alleni Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis Prionailurus bengalensis borneoensis Prionailurus bengalensis chinensis Prionailurus bengalensis euptilurus Prionailurus bengalensis heaneyi Prionailurus bengalensis horsfieldii Prionailurus bengalensis javanensis Prionailurus bengalensis rabori Prionailurus bengalensis sumatranus Prionailurus bengalensis trevelyani.

Interesting Facts: The Iriomote Cat was one considered a subspecies of the Leopard Cat, but now they are a species in their own right.

Latin Name Prionailurus bengalensis
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Asia
Colour Yellowish to Silver Grey with Black Markings
Length 45 - 90 cms (17.7 - 35.4 inches)
Tail 28 - 37 cms (11 - 14.6 inches)
Weight 4 - 8 Kgs (8.8 - 17.6 lbs)
Life Expectancy

15 Yrs

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