Large Indian Civet

Interesting Facts: Large Indian Civets are also known as: Indian Civet.

Main Characteristics: Large Indian Civets have a body length of approximately 86 cms (34 inches), a tail length of 33 cms (13 inches) and they weigh between 5 and 11 kgs (11 - 24 lbs).

They are greyish/brown in colour with black and white stripes on their neck and black banding on their tail.

Habitat: Large Indian Civets can be found in grasslands, scrub and densely forested areas of south and south east Asia. They are solitary and are active at night.

Diet: Large Indian Civets mainly feed on insects, small mammals, birds, snakes, frogs, fruit and eggs.

Breeding: Large Indian Civets can produce up to two litters of 1 - 4 young each year. They youngsters are weaned at around 1 month old.

Predators: Humans are predators of Large Indian Civets.

Subspecies: Subspecies of the Large Indian Civet include: Viverra zibetha ashtoni, Viverra zibetha hainana, Viverra zibetha picta, Viverra zibetha pruinosus and Viverra zibetha zibetha.

Latin Name Viverra zibetha
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location S & S E Asia
Colour Greyish/Brown
Length 86 cms (34 inches)
Tail 33 cms (13 inches)
Weight 5 - 11 Kgs (11 - 24 lbs)
Life Expectancy

Up to 15 Yrs

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