Interesting Facts: The Fisher is also known as: Pekan Pequam Wejack Fisher Cat.

Main Characteristics: Fishers are medium sized mammals that have a body length between 47 and 75 cms (18.5 - 30 inches), a tail length between 30 and 42 cms (12 - 16.5 inches) and they weigh between 2 and 5 kgs (4.5 - 11 lbs).

During the winter months they have a thick, glossy coat that is deep brown/black in colour but during the summer months they are lighter brown.

Habitat: Fishers can be found in forested areas of North America.

Diet: Fishers mainly feed on small mammals, birds, insects, nuts, berries and carrion.

Breeding: Fishers breed in late March or early April and implantation is delayed for 10 months until January or February the following year. After a gestation period of approximately 50 days, females will give birth to 1 - 6 kits then 7 - 10 days later they enter estrus and the breeding cycle begins again.

At birth the kits are blind and helpless, but after 3 weeks they begin to crawl around in the nest. At 7 weeks they open their eyes and at 8 weeks they begin to climb. They are weaned at 8 - 10 weeks and when they reach 4 months old they begin to become intolerant of one another.

After 5 months their mother pushes them out on their own and by the time they are a year old the youngsters have established their own ranges.

Predators: Humans are predators of Fishers.

Subspecies: Subspecies of the Fisher include: Martes pennanti columbiana, Martes pennanti pacifica and Martes pennanti pennanti.

Latin Name Martes pennanti
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location North America
Colour Brown
Length 47 - 75 cms (18.5 - 30 inches)
Tail 30 - 42 cms (12 - 16.5 inches)
Weight 2 - 5 Kgs (4.5 - 11 lbs)
Life Expectancy

Up to 15 to 20 Yrs

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