Colorado River Toad

Interesting Facts: Colorado River Toads are also known as: Sonoran Desert Toad Colorado River Toads are commonly kept as pets in south west USA.

Main Characteristics: Colorado River Toads are the largest toads found in North America, growing between 10 and 18 cms (4 - 7 inches) in length.

They are coloured olive green, grey or brown on their dorsal surface with a pale coloured underside, and their skin is smooth with small warts. These warts are the toads defence system as they produce a mild venom that contains bufotenin and 5-MeO-DMT. Their eyes are orange/golden in colour and their pupils are horizontal. 

Habitat:Colorado River Toads are found in south west USA and Mexico. They live in both desert and semi-arid areas and are often found near streams, springs, canals and ditches. They often use a rodents burrow to make their home and they are active at night. During the colder winter months they hibernate.

Diet:Colorado River Toads are carnivorous and they feed on small rodents, insects, small reptiles and other toads. They have a long, sticky tongue which helps them to catch their prey.

Breeding: Colorado River Toads breed during summer, laying 7,500 - 8,000 eggs in long strings, in pools or slow moving streams. The tadpoles are coloured yellow/brown and it takes them approximately one month to metamorphose into toadlets.

Latin Name Bufo alvarius
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location S W USA & Northern Mexico
Colour Brown
Length 10 - 18 cms (4 - 7 inches)

Semi - Aquatic

Breeding Season


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