Fast Facts Edit

Type: Arthropod
Diet: Carnivore
Size: U‬p to‭ ‬1‭ ‬meter long.
Protection status: Extinct

Brontoscorpio was a large prehistoric scorpion that lived during the late Silurian period.

Brontoscorpio had a stinger approximately the size of a light bulb. Brontoscorpio also had 2 pairs of pincers, with the larger pair used for grasping prey and the smaller used for tearing it apart. Brontoscorpio hunted small marine animals like trilobites and jawless fish like Cephalaspis. Brontoscorpio had evolved strong jaws for crushing and tearing apart the tough armored body of its prey.

Brontoscorpio was one of the apex predators of the Silurian period: not only it could breath underwater with gills, it could also come onto dry land and absorb air it with its primitive book lungs. They came on land to escape predators and molt its shell. At 3 feet long, it would take hours for a Brontoscorpio to molt its shell.

Brontoscorpio, despite its lethality, had its own predators, like Pterygotus, an ambush predator. This was shown in Walking with Monsters where it had hunted smaller sea animals like Cephalaspis and Brontoscorpio itself.

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