Black-Footed Mongoose

Interesting Facts: Black-Footed Mongoose are also known as: Black-Legged Mongoose. Very little else is known about Black-Footed Mongoose.

Main Characteristics: Black-Footed Mongoose have a body length between 37.5 and 60 cms (15 - 24 inches), a tail length between 17.5 and 37.5 cms (6.8 - 14.7 inches) and they weigh between 0.9 and 3 kgs (2 - 6.6 lbs). They are greyish brown in colour and they have black legs.

Habitat: Black-Footed Mongoose can be found in the tropical forests of central Africa. They are mainly solitary but can sometimes be seen in pairs.

Diet: Black-Footed Mongoose mainly feed on insects such as ants, small vertebrates and carrion.

Subspecies: There are no subspecies of the Black-Footed Mongoose.

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