The taxonomic classification of Antarctosaurus is, like that of a lot of dinosaurs, highly disputed. The type specimen may in fact be a small Antarctosaurus, as another specimen has recently been recovered that its double the size of the type specimen.

Antarctosaurus (southern lizard) was an herbivorous titanosaur, which existed, in the late Cretaceous, around 75million year ago. This quadruped would have reached a length of around 18m, a height of 6m, and a weight of 40 to 70 tons, making it one of the largest South American sauropods and amongst the largest dinosaurs ever - it is related to the similarly gigantic Argentinosaurus.

Antarctosaurus is found in natural history museum and named by the paleontologist von Huene.The first fossils were established in 1916, and others have since been found in India, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Africa, and it is probable that it really did live in Antarctica. Parts recovered include two femora, two incomplete pelvises and numerous other fragments. One of the femora was 2.20m in length, and it is primarily from this that the astonishing size of the dinosaur is extrapolated. The post crania, however, suggest that its head was barely 60cm long. Originally this dinosaur was located in a separate species, but they are now both thought to be A. wichmannianus. There are other problems with the type specimen, counting that its lower jaw is now thought to belong to a rebbachisaurid. Whether Antarctosaurus is even a titanosaur at all is now uncertain; it was located into Diplodocidae in 1993, but returned to Titanosauridae in 1997. Also, Jainosaurus was originally consideration to be a species of Antarctosaurus, A. septentrionalis, but it is now recognized as a distinct genus.

Antarctosaurus facts:
Name: Antarctosaurus Dinosaur (southern lizard)
Size: 18m long and 6m tall
Main Facts: Antarctosaurus was a huge quadrupedal herbivore with long neck and its tail lengths are highly variable among sauropods.
Rich resources:

Antarctosaurus Author:L.Salgado and J.O.Calvo Publications:1997 Description:Describes Antarctosaurus and Saltasaurus Bonaparte Published by Asociacion Paleontologica Argentina.


Quest for the african dinosaurs Author:Louis L. Jacobs Publications:2000 Description: Explains the features of Antarctosaurus that used to identify the smaller of the two jaws from Malawi as a diplodocid.


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