Agile Frog

Interesting Facts: Agile Frogs are remarkable jumpers and they have been known to leap over 2 m (6.5 ft) in distance.

Main Characteristics: Agile Frogs have pale brown or reddish-brown colouration on their backs with a white coloured underside. They have dark brown, triangular shaped markings on the sides of their head and they have dark bands on their hind legs. Their pupils are horizontal in shape and the upper third of their iris is coloured golden.

They are slender frogs with a pointed snout and they reach lengths between 5 and 9 cms (2 - 3.5 inches). They have long hind legs which enables them to leap a great distance. Habitat: Agile Frogs are found in open woodlands and swampy meadows of North, Central and Southern Europe. During winter and dry periods they spend their time under vegetation, logs and rocks. Diet: Agile Frogs mainly feed on earthworms and small insects such as flies and beetles.

Breeding: Agile Frogs breed during spring and males attract females by calling from just under or on the surface of the water. Females lay 450 - 1800 eggs and these are attached to tree branches, roots or plant stems at depths of 5 - 40 cms (2 - 16 inches). Once the eggs hatch it takes 2 - 4 months for the tadpoles to metamorphose into froglets. The froglets grow quickly during their fist summer and often reach sexual maturity by their second summer.

Latin Name Rana dalmantina
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location North, Central & South Europe
Colour Brown
Length 5 - 9 cms (2 - 3.5 inches)

Mostly Terrestrial

Breeding Season


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