Fast Facts  Edit

Type: Aetosaur
Diet:  Herbivore.
Size: Estimated to be about‭ ‬2‭ ‬meters long.
Protection status: Extinct
Aetobarbakinoides is considered to be one of the oldest aetosaurs currently known to us.‭ ‬Only Aetosauroidesfrom Argentina and Stagonolepis from Scotland can match Aetobarbakinoides for age,‭ ‬but together they show that even in the earliest known appearances of aetosaurs,‭ ‬they were already widespread across what would become South America and Europe.       

Aetobarbakinoides is the first aetosaur that has been named from a description focused upon something else other than the appearance of the osteoderm armour.‭ ‬Instead of the armour,‭ ‬the description of Aetobarbakinoideswas based upon the appearance of the vertebrae.‭ ‬Although the vertebrae of Aetobarbakinoides are noted to bear similarities with the vertebrae of Desmatosuchus,‭ ‬they are still very different to any other currently known aetosaur.        In life Aetobarbakinoides would have been like other aetosaurs in that it would have been a squat quadrupedal reptile that was protected from the teeth of predators by an arrangement of osteoderm armour across the back.‭ ‬Although the skull of Aetobarbakinoides is unknown at the time of writing,‭ ‬other aeotsaurs are known to have been herbivorous without any exceptions known so far,‭ ‬so by association Aetobarbakinoides probably had a herbivorous diet.

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