Aegyptosaurus is found in Natural History Museum, London which was named by paleontologist Stromer in 1932.

Aegyptosaurus ("Egyptian Lizard") is a variety of dinosaur believed to have lived in Africa around 95 million years ago, during the mid- and late-Cretaceous period.

Aegyptosaurus facts:

Aegyptosaurus was a close absolute of Argentinosaurus, a larger dinosaur found in South America. It compulsory that it may have evolved from its South American relative after crossing the ancient land bridge between Africa and South America.

Name: Aegyptosaurus Dinosaur ("Egyptian Lizard")
Size: 50 feet long and 16 feet tall.
Main Facts: It's weighed roughly 10.5 tones and its long tail acted as a counterweight to its body mass.

This quadrupedal sauropod was an herbivore and its fossils have been originated in Egypt, Niger and in several different locations in the Sahara Desert. All known examples were discovered before 1939. The fossils were stored jointly in Munich, but were obliterated when a bombing raid destroyed the museum where they were kept in 1944, during World War II.

Aegyptosaurus weighed roughly 10.5 tones (11.5 tons), was 50 feet long, and was over 16 feet tall. It had a neck of over average length and a small skull. The animal's long tail probably acted as a counterweight to its body mass.

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