Fast Facts 

Type: Crocodilnian
Diet: Uncertain.
Size: About‭ ‬50‭ ‬centimetres long.
Protection status: Extinct
Adamantinasuchus was a fairly small notosuchian crocodylomorph from the late Cretaceous Adamantina Formation of Brazil,‭ ‬Many crurotarsans are known from the Adamantina Formation,‭ ‬including Armadillosuchus,‭‬Morrinhosuchus,‭ ‬Baurusuchus and Mariliasuchus to name just a few.‭ ‬Out of these,‭ ‬Adamantinasuchus may have been most similar to Mariliasuchus.‭ ‬The teeth of Adamantinasuchus suggest a possible carnivorous lifestyle,‭ ‬though they could have been used for a more specialised diet.

Adamantinasuchus should not be confused with the similarly named sauropod dinosaur Adamantisaurus.

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